What is Qubit9 Storage

Qubit9 offers a next generation resilient object storage optimized for fast data backup and retrieval.

Who could benefit from the product?

  • Enterprise and SMB who backup data to the major centralized Public Cloud providers, with data that is not locked in and who are looking to both avoid outages of the central providers and improve security and cost efficiency
  • Enterprise and SMB who backup data to the Private Cloud, who would like to implement off-site backups and who are looking for an alternative provider, which is not only more cost efficient but still highly reliable and secure

What are the product benefits?

Availability and Resilience

  • Public Cloud helped many companies to increase reliability of data storage at costs that were better than TCO of maintaining own data centers and significantly reducing management complexity. Still, recently Public Cloud saw numerous outages of the major providers that affected thousands of companies and millions of customers proving traditional multi-zone redundancy architecture unreliable
  • Qubit9 stores data over distributed, not centralized architecture, on a network of over 10 000 of nodes. This architecture design eliminates a single point of failure and creates superior availability (lower downtime) and resiliency (faster recovery time)

Security and Durability

  • The distributed architecture also ensures superior file security and durability:
    • When receiving the file from the Customer we, first - split it into 80 pieces - shards. Then - we encrypt each shard with individual unique key and store them at nodes in various geographies - one shard per node. Finally, each individual node redundantly encrypts the shards at rest to further increase security.
    • We employ an algorithm that continuously maintains the integrity and the amount of shards on the nodes in case any particular node is down. Moreover, another algorithm can reconstruct the actual file from only 2/3 of the original shards.
    • We are, thus, designed for the file durability of 100%, which means that we are designed for never losing a file.
    • The design that each individual node has access to only 1 out of 80 shards boosts the security even further by extremely broadening the front of the possible attack
  • Besides security advantages provided by the distributed nature of the network, we employ all the traditional industry measures:
    • Identity and Access Management (IAM) (December)
    • Single Sign On (SSO) (December)
    • MFA (multi-factor authentication) (December)
    • Default SSL HTTPS end-to-end encryption
    • Server-side encryption
    • Support of Client-Side Encryption
  • Thus, the customer files are triple-encrypted.
  • Our security is also audited

Throughput speed and latency

Storage is built with an innovative architecture and array of behind the-scenes tools to help ensure the performance - high throughput speed and low latency:
  • Data and Metadata are both geographically distributed, so users are always only fewer “hops” away from the data they need, which provides latency in milliseconds - at the level of the best industry standards for hot storage
  • File is also downloaded from multiple concurrent locations, so multi-threaded peer-to-peer parallel structure maximizes bandwidth to enhance performance and throughput speed

Why should you care?

Backup to Public Cloud adds a new dimension of reliability when storing the data. This often comes at a cost of security, throughput, reliability and often at a high storage and exorbitant retrieval (egress) price. Qubit9 offers storage architecture that measurably improves on these key challenges of the major central Public Cloud providers. We offer fast upload and retrieval, new level of design for security and outage-proof architecture. Customers using the Qubit9 object storage would be able to measurably and safely improve backup RTO and RPO metrics. And all of these at a transparent prices that are up to 50% better than the ones of the major Public Cloud providers.